3. Product Costing

ZMDM provides sophisticated capabilities for managing and understanding product costs. ZMDM supports cost modeling and elements, including BOM roll up costs Process costs (using Process plan) Additional cost elements (extensible with as many elements as needed)      

2. Bill of Material

ZMDM provides exceptional capabilities for managing bill of materials for parts. Users can manage Bill of Material under the Bill of Material tab as shown below.       Viewing the multi-level bill of material is very each and expanding/collapsing the level is a simple matter of clicking on the part assembly icon in the […]

1. Parts in ZMDM

ZMDM provides comprehensive support for managing parts and part related information. Parts are governed by version and revision capability of ZMDM. Part in ZMDM is a versatile object and typically has relationships several other objects to represent and support different business processes throughout the product lifecycle.