ZMDM vs ERP-centric MDM vs Data-centric MDM

Product and Supply Chain Master Data is the most important master data as it is central to many mission-critical business processes in sales, commerce, design, manufacturing, logistics, customer service and maintenance.


This post is to compare and assess the approach that ZMDM takes for Product and Supply Chain Master Data to those of ERP-centric Master Data solutions (SAP MDG for example) and Data-centric Master Data solutions (such as TIBCO, Informatica, IBM..).


While ZMDM approaches  ERP-centric (SAP MDG) and Data-centric master data management solutions (Informatica, TIBCO, IBM, etc..) tend to view master data from the prism of the needs of ERP systems and IT stakeholders that tend to support master data for Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) and Reporting processes.