Connecting CRM Systems and SAP for Synchronizing Customer Master Data

One of the more common setup among our customers is the use of Salesforce (or Dynamics) for CRM and SAP for ERP. The Quote-to-Cash process orchestration looks like the picture below



Master data and its synchronization between CRM and ERP systems plays a major role in the effective orchestration of Quote-to-Cash process flow. The most common master data that requires synchronization between the 2 systems include

Customer Master Data

Accurate customer master data is critical for sales operations. Information about the customer (especially new customers that are being onboarded) is used by different stakeholders in your organization to know more about the new customer, evaluate risk and prepare so that they can serve the customer well.


Pricing Master Data

Pricing master data includes pricing strategy and as well as elements of pricing that are used to quote prices for different products/services for a specific customer.



New Customer Workflow between Salesforce and SAP

The new customer workflow often begins when a prospects accepts a quote and an order needs to be created. Some of our customers used a New Customer Onboarding workflow where Salesforce calls ZMDM, or ZMDM polls Salesforce to instantiate the New Customer Workflow.



ZMDM’s new customer data model is a flexible master data model that supports synchronization between multiple systems (CRM, ERP, Commerce, Supply Chain Planning etc.) and as a result accommodates key information needed for synchronization. In addition, the workflow also supports people activities, decision-making, validation and governance rules so that New Customer creation in SAP and Account update in Salesforce are seamlessly accomplished as part of the workflow. Below is an illustrative example of a workflow that is triggered from Salesforce.