Essential Workflows for SAP Master Data Management Excellence

Our experience in Master Data Management has shown that SAP customers tend to have the most intricate and complex workflow needs around Master Data Management. There is strong incentive to make SAP Master Data workflows simple and efficient as they tend to be time consuming and expensive.

Below in our experience are essential workflows that encompass 80-90% of SAP Master Data activity that organizations should target for improvement.


(Material Master Data Management encompasses majority of the overall Master Data related activity in an organization)

  • New Material/Materials (Creation of Single Material as well as Multiple Materials)
  • Extend Material (to different plants, storage locations, Sales Orgs, Valuation Areas, Warehouses..)
  • Creating Material/Materials using Reference Material(s)
  • Copying a Material to create a New Material(s)
  • Updating a Material
  • Delete Material/Materials
  • Classes and Characteristics
  • Pricing Conditions
  • Cost
  • Additional Material Related Workflows that are important if an organization is engaged in Production
    • Create/Update Bill of Material
    • Create/Update Routing
    • Production Version
    • Create/Update Recipe
    • Create/Update Specification


  • Create a New Customer
  • Customer Hierarchy
  • Customer Partner Functions
  • Block/Unblock a customer
  • Extend an existing Customer


  • Create a New Supplier
  • Extend an Existing Supplier
  • Supplier Partner Functions
  • Block/Unblock a supplier
  • Create/Update Purchase Info Record
  • Create/Update Source List


(Relevant only if Plant Maintenance is implemented)

  • Functional Location
  • Equipment / Asset
  • Commissioning / Decommissioning Equipment
  • Move Equipment
  • Create Equipment Bill of Material (Maintenance/Spare Parts)
  • Task Lists
  • Measuring Point and Measuring Counter