From Five Hours to Five Minutes – Streamlining and Digitizing Material Master Creation and Extension


Process KPI Normal Approach With ZMDM
Process Cycle Time 30+ days 2 days
Actual Time Spent Entering Information 5+ hours 5 minutes
Process Cost $500-$800 $50


Below is a picture that most SAP master data and business teams deal with when creating new materials of all types (finished goods, components, raw materials, MRO…). Depending on the type of material the amount of information needed can be a lot and a little less than a lot.


Many of the SAP customers we work with dread the above scenario. We commonly see spreadsheets with 400+ columns floating between different teams (Materials Management, Finance, Purchasing, Sales…) and a process that is universally disliked. We have also seen that this process can take a long time (30+ days because of the coordination needed) and the actual material master creation and extension in SAP task (with the SAP GUI) take more than 5 hours.

The picture below shows the workflow in ZMDM for creating and extending new materials, which simplifies the process to a 5 minute or less workflow.