Supporting Global, Regional, and Business Specific Master Data Needs using flexible workflows

Many of the global organizations we work with operate in different regions/countries and often have different businesses within the corporate structure. The picture below illustrates the scenario.



In the above scenario, it is not possible to support the needs of different businesses in different parts of the world using the same set of Master Data workflows. Each business unit and region may need specific workflows to best meet the needs. In addition, change management and continuous improvement are also simpler when each business unit and region design/change workflows according to their needs without impacting others. The picture below shows how different workflows support Customer Master creation for different regions.



We also often find the need for different workflows for different Material Types. SAP and other ERP systems come with different Material Types that have very different business processes when creating and updating. Below is a list of standard Material Types in SAP.


The business process and the information needed for creating a Finished Good is often different than that of a Raw Material, Manufacturer Part, Spare Part, etc. and hence the need for different workflows to handle different types of materials.