Master Data Management for SAP Made Simple and Efficient

Oct 27th, 2022 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Pacific Time (Thursday)

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Join the session to learn more about how SAP customers in Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Industrial Machinery, and High Tech industries have used innovative and effective cross-functional workflow driven approach to simplify and streamline a variety of SAP master data processes to achieve supply chain and operations excellence.

Session Topics

  • How to eliminate 90%+ of non-value added work and achieve 90%+ cycle time reduction for Master Data Management processes
  • The value of making business stakeholders central to master data workflows
  • How to use digital workflows and BAPI-driven integration to provide coverage for large gaps left by traditional Master Data Management solutions
  • Easy and flexible support for bulk master data management scenarios common in pricing/cost updates, bulk updates, creation of bulk master data for new plants/sales orgs/company codes, SAP system consolidation, S/4HANA migrations, M&A
  • How workflow-driven Master Data approaches can achieve faster time-to-value (weeks as opposed to months/years) with a fraction (1/5 to 1/10) of the investment of traditional Master Data Management solutions