Master Data Management for SAP Made Simple and Efficient – Session Materials

These are materials from the session that was conducted on April 7th, 2022

The session covered different aspects of Master Data Excellence from master data leaders and subject matter experts from leading SAP customers in Chemicals (Buckman), Consumer Products (Edgewell), and High-tech industries. The session covered innovative digital workflow driven approaches to make Master Data Management for SAP effortless, efficient, and Business User friendly with the help of ZMDM for SAP. Some highlights from the session include the following

  • Elimination of 90+% of non-value added work, 90+% reduction in cycle time, effort and cost of Master Data Management (for Materials, Suppliers, Customers, Equipment, Functional Locations, Pricing/Cost, Bill of Material, Routing, Production Version, Units of Measure, Valuation, Characteristics and many others)
  • Surprisingly large number (tens to hundreds) of workflows needed to effectively support Materials Management for Finance, Purchasing, Sales and Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Innovative New Customer and New Supplier Onboarding workflows and related Master Data Management
  • Better and simpler Master Data Management approach for multi-instance SAP environments
  • Easy and flexible support for bulk master data management scenarios common in pricing/cost updates, bulk updates, creation of bulk master data for new plants/sales orgs/company codes, SAP system consolidation, S/4HANA migrations, M&A




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Download Presentation

Full Session Recording


Customer Case Study#1


Finance and Units of Measure Master Data

Customer Case Study#2


New Customer and Customer Master, Materials Master Data Scenarios

Solution Overview and Demo



Can ZFlow MDM be connected to multiple and different SAP instances?

Yes, ZFlow MDM can be connected to multiple SAP instances, including ECC, S/4HANA, and others. A unique capability of ZFlow is support for a single workflow in ZFlow MDM to connect to multiple SAP instances doing different updates. This is a common scenario for SAP customers that have multiple SAP instances.

Are ZFlow workflows similar to workflows in SAP MDM/MDG?

Yes and No.

No for the following reasons

  • ZFlow Master Data workflows typically originate in other functions (new supplier onboarding, New Product Introduction…) and often act as front end workflows to SAP MDM/MDG itself
  • Participants of ZFlow master data workflows do not have to know anything about SAP or even need to use SAP to participate and contribute in master data workflows
  • ZFlow supports master data elements (pricing/cost, classification, Specifications, BOMs, Routings, Production Versions..) that are usually not supported by SAP MDM/MDG
  • ZFlow can also connect to other solutions such as Salesforce, Oracle, PLM solutions, SQL Servers.. as part of master data workflows
  • and many others…

Yes for the following reasons

  • There may be no need to implement SAP MDM/MDG when ZFlow is used for SAP Master Data Management. Many of the scenarios covered by SAP MDM/G are supported by ZFlow.
Can you chain the processes together to run one after the other? Create Material then BoM then Routing

Yes, ZFlow workflow is made up of activities that can support the scenario of chaining activities that creates a material, then creates a BOM, a routing, Production version, and other master data. A unique capability of ZFlow MDM is the concept of sub-processes that can be used to instantiate completely different workflows as well as pass information between parent and child processes. Both approaches allow to chain activities/processes and support different master data activities.